Sunday Night Armchair Travel

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Each Sunday this fall, fasten your seat belts and sit back and relax for two hours of armchair travel in one night! Sure to transport you from the comforts of your couch to the craziness of destinations like Caracas, travel vicariously through the ladies and gents from the Jet Age and eager-beaver, round-the-world racers. Here is your Sunday night, in-flight entertainment:

Pan Am ABC - Premiers Sunday, September 25th, 10pm We've been waiting a long time for Pan Am! I first told you about the show in April when it hadn't yet been given the official go-ahead from flight control network execs, but with a steady landing the coffee, tea or me era is making a comeback! I can't wait for a window into the days of glam galavanting, smoke-filled cabins, Pucci-designed uniforms and bottomless in-flight cocktails.

The Amazing Race CBS - Premiers Sunday, September 25th, 8pm Phil and 11 soon-to-be travel-savvy teams are back at it for the show's 10th anniversary year. Vegas cocktail waitresses, a father-son boating duo and young cancer survivor and his girlfriend are just some of the teams recently announced for season 19. Phil recently told People "I'm not sure we've ever had a season like this where there are so many proven athletes," which includes former Olympic snowboarders, former NFL player and 60+ year old triathletes. We'll find out soon if there's an equal international playing field!

PS - There's a new Canadian travel show starting September 15th at 8.30pm in BC called Restless Josie. Combining adventure travel with some of the world's most dangerous sports, Josie interviews and films leading athletes on and off their jobs surfing, freeride mountain biking, rodeo events, kite boarding, rock climbing and wakeboarding in different locations.

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