Tech Tuesday :: Virtual Shopping

[trip style = any] If you love shopping, especially finding the best deal, you'll love this app.

MyRegistry is marketed as a barcode-scanning, wishlist and registry app for moms or brides-to-be. Yet, I see its value more in the comparison shopping realm, particularly as it relates to shopping while traveling.

How It Works The app uses your iPhone as a barcode scanner, allowing you to scan anything shopping-related. Simply click scan barcode and the screen will register the product, then render a ton of online outlets {with pricing} where the item is available. I just tried the app for a teal-covered, pocket-sized HG2 Miami guidebook I had sitting on my desk. Within a second, I got pricing results from outlets like, Barnes & Noble and Target!

As long as you have a wifi connection, the app is golden. Say you're on a trip style = luxe trip in London shopping at Harrods or Harvey Nichols, and you want to buy a Hermes belt or Longchamp bag. Scan the price and see what the options are, then you'll know if you should exercise your credit card in store, or exercise yourself and hightail it out of there to buy it elsewhere.

This free app works with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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