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Have you ever booked a vacation rental condo or home? Although this trip style is slightly less pampered than a hotel stay, a vacation rental offers other freedoms like having your own kitchen, staying in a unique accommodation and dabbling in the local scene.

Attracting more design-savvy units and hip travelers, Airbnb, one of the newer, kitschier vacation rental sites, has just launched an app which I happen to like as much as the website!  In it, you can search from 8000 cities and 170+ countries to find a private apartment or private island. One of my favourite features within the app is the categories it lists when you first start searching: Top 40, Oui Oui Paris, Unique New York, Planes Trains and Automobiles, I love Glamping, etc...

{Stay tuned for more info on Airbnb and other holiday rental sites tomorrow in our Vacation Rental Round-Up.}

Airbnb App Details

  • Free
  • Works with iPhone & iPod Touch. I'm told a mobile site is being developed this quarter which will serve other mobile platforms; once this is done the company plans on developing an app for the iPad and android.
  • Book a space through your iPhone
  • Use "Find a place, tonight!” for last-minute availability
  • Message guests and hosts directly from your phone
  • Access your upcoming itinerary, complete with directions to your destination
  • A 'daily deal' feature has been added, which could be cool, but it is still in beta testing, so look out for future updates in this regard.

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