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packing list travel appsToday I'm going to write about an unusual packing companion. It's a travel app you wouldn't think to download for its packing list prowess, yet is free and the usability fantastic. But first, the back story... A few months ago my apps disappeared from my iTunes account. Long story (cue the violins). The saddest part was I lost some of my beloved paid-for apps like my $4.99 Tetris, as well as my $2.99 Packing Pro.

When I realized my go-to packing companion was gone, I remembered that Kayak's fantabulous do-everything-that's-travel-related app has a decent packing list feature. So, rather than re-downloading and paying for a packing app, I created a "sunny extended weekend getaway" list for free.

Details Even though you can't organize Kayak's packing list by topic (ie - clothes, toiletries, etc...) it has pre-loaded lists, flexible editing, sorting and the ability to tick off items as you pack them. If a free version isn't going to cut it for your constant round the world trips, spring for the most highly acclaimed packing app on the market: Packing Pro ($2.99), or the less feature-rich but still pretty great Packing (+ To Do) list for $0.99.

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