Travel Beauty :: Q&A With tarte cosmetics Founder

Travel Beauty Q&A With Tarte Cosmetics Founder[trip style = sun + sightseeing]

{Editor's note: Trip Styler's travel beauty expert, Lauren Hilton-Hochhauser, chats with beauty queen and founder of tarte cosmetics, Maureen Kelly, to find out her top picks for travel beauty.}

Maureen Kelly, founder & CEO of tarte

What are your top 5 beauty products you always take on vacation?

What are the best makeup looks for a beach vacation? What about a sightseeing vacation?

  • When I’m going on a beach vacation (which is my all-time personal favorite trip syle), I’m all for the motto “less is more” in the makeup department. Who wants to look all done up when swimming, surfing or playing volleyball?! Not me. That’s why I opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF (our smooth operator™ is the best), waterproof mascara and a dab of SPF lip balm in a pale pink hue.
  • During my last trip to Italy, where I did a lot of sightseeing, I was sure to wear long-lasting makeup that was budgeproof and, dare I say it, sweatproof. To be certain my makeup didn’t move, I prepped my skin with tarte’s clean slate natural primer. Then I applied our Amazonian clay waterproof concealer to areas that needed it most (under my eyes after that long flight). Next, I added some bronzer and our Amazonian clay 12-hour blush on my cheekbones for added glow! I finished my look with our gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara to lengthen and condition my lashes. And finally a little tint on my lips (so it looks like I have color without trying).

What are your tips for looking and feeling good on an airplane?

  • I always carry a travel-sized bottle of Caudalie beauty elixir — I’m constantly spritzing my face to keep it moisturized and refreshed.
  • When flying I try to let my skin breathe; therefore, I wear less makeup.
  • That being said, I never fly without mascara — it’s the one thing that makes me look awake! Sometimes I switch to a waterproof version in case I fall asleep…can’t have smudging.

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[Photos courtesy of Maureen Kelly]