Travel Essentials for any Trip Style

travel essentials for any trip style[trip style = any]

There are a few items that make always make an appearance on my packing list, regardless of the trip style. Whether it's a weekend away, a sunny send-off or a European sightseeing excursion, I've put together a list of packing necessities that make it into my bag 100% of the time. Aside from cash, sunglasses, bathing suit and documentation, here are my travel essentials for any trip style. What are yours?

Travel Essentials for any Trip Style An Extra Bag A little white cloth bag always takes up residence in my purse for day-to-day shopping, but it has also come in handy while traveling. I've used it to protect my behind when sitting on the grass in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa, as well as an overflow bag for extra clothes or Tar-Yay {Target} purchases while weekending in the US. For longer journeys, I throw my Longchamp Le Pliage bag into my carry-on as a plane-to-pool tote or I-shopped-more-than-expected bag...

Pashmina I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again: a big scarf or pashmina is a lifesaver while on the road. Use it to keep warm, add an extra pop of colour or style to an outfit, or as an in-a-pinch blanket when the plane's recycled air is a little too cool. I even have a friend who used hers as a serong and beach towel while in South East Asia. In that case, maybe you'd have two, one for warmth and style and the other for beach.

Lip Stain I'm a big lip gloss fan---my friends will confirm this---but when it comes to packing for any trip style, a lip stain will go in my bag first. Why? With lip tints you can lightly apply a natural-hued colour for day and with a few more passes, a more intense colour at night. In other words, one lip stain allows multiple day-to-night looks. And when the colour lasts for 4 - 8 hours, you don't need to worry about re-application. My current go-to tint is $6 stain from Joe Fresh. Add a little vaseline to the mix and you're good to go...

Vaseline What doesn't vaseline do? It's the travel beauty workhorse, acting as an intense moisturizer for dry hands, feet and elbows, an on-the-road under-eye moisturizer and brightener {especially helpful for combatting the plane's dry air}, an eyebrow sculptor, lip gloss, etc....

Nail Buffer For long trips, manicures are out. After 5 days my once red nails go from class to trash. Since gels or acrylics don't work for me either, any trip longer than a week requires a buffer {available at any drug store}: a great way to keep nails looking smooth and naturally shiny---almost like you've applied a coat of clear polish. Before you go out at night, re-buff nails with the "shine" side for a natural glam look.

iPhone/Macbook Air I put these two electronics into one category because they are both essential and both computers. And aside from an off-the-grid camping trip, they are my faithful travel companions. Here's why: my iPhone allows me to send and receive texts and phone calls {if needed}, connects to wifi for email and simple internet usage, takes pictures and stores apps {my first travel 'love'}. My brand new 11" Macbook Air is small and light enough to throw into my purse, and helps out when my iPhone's 2" screen just doesn't cut it.

Disposable Slippers I'm a take-my-shoes-off-on-the-plane kinda gal and the only way to make that classy is to bring washable slippers along for covering socks or bare feet. They are also helpful when your hotel doesn't provide slippers. Trip Styler Tip :: Next time you're at a hotel that offers slippers, take yours home and transition them into your travel slippers. Despite their disposable nature, hotel slippers wash well.

Emergen-C A little over a year ago I started traveling with little packets of Emergen-C {available at most drug stores in Canada and the US} to help keep my immune system strong for times when flights, time zones and uncomfortable hotel stays negatively impact my sleep. So far, taking one a day while on the road has worked well for my travel health. I take the packets with water at least a week before I leave and during my trips.

Gum / Pearly Whites Clean teeth and minty breath make you feel fresh. Instead of schlepping out my toothpaste and brush while in a plane bathroom, at the airport or after an intense meal, I use Pearly Wipes {a circular, super thin pad soaked in baking soda, salt & peppermint oil} to freshen and whiten my teeth. Bonus: Pearly Wipes come in a mini travel-friendly compact. Follow this up with a mint or gum and you're good to go.

Wipes Wipes are a girl or guy's best friend for travel. I once used them after a 4-hour downhill mountain biking journey in Peru to remove head-to-toe dirt when my hostel's shower didn't work. Aside from use on big adventures or while camping, they're great for keeping hands sanitized and doing mock showers on long traevel days.