Travel App Tuesday :: 5 Nominees

webby mobile & app nominees 2011 + travel app tuesdayHave you heard of the Webby Awards? They honor the year’s best work in websites, interactive advertising, online film & video and mobile. A panel of judges chooses five nominees per category and the public votes on the winner. Companies covet Webby nominations and they've become a pretty big deal in the digital world.

One of the major categories is Mobile & Apps, and within the Travel section, five apps were nominated. It just so happens that Trip Styler has featured all of the nominees {but one} as part of Travel App Tuesday, which means it must be a great source for the latest and greatest travel apps {insert cheeky smiley face here}! Here are the apps nominated for a Webby this year:

  • airbnb {unique vacation rentals app} our review here
  • Conde Nast Traveller City Guides {Paris, Barcelona, Rome & NY}
  • Kayak {meta travel search app with a billion helpful add-ons} our review here
  • Trip Journal {interactive travel journal with stats, maps and sharing capabilities} our review here
  • Tripit {trip itinerary management app} our review here

Though these apps are not the be-all-end-all of travel apps, each is pretty skookum. As I mentioned in our Best Apps of 2010 round-up, the two I'd recommend for any trip style are Kayak and Tripit. If you want to rent an island, stay in a plane-turned-home or shack up in a London flat for a few weeks, airbnb is great and I love that app! Trip Journal is fantastic if you're headed on an epic journey and want to share your trip with family and friends in ways that make you look like the intrepid traveler you are. Finally, I haven't used Conde Nast's City Guides, but I will when I go to NYC in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

When I vote for one of the these five travel apps, surprise, surprise, I'll choose either Tripit or Kayak. The other apps are all worth downloading, but Tripit and Kayak are the most useful of the esteemed group, as in, I do not travel without them.

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