Travel Trends :: Quickie Teeth Whitening

travel trend :: quick smile brighteningTime-intensive teeth whitening systems are old news, but recently I've noticed a movement towards simple, quick, touch-up style whitening---the perfect solution to maintaining your pearly whites while sipping pinot noir in Napa or cafe negro grande in Caracas.

Got 10 seconds? Or even 2 minutes? The new breed of mini teeth whitening aids can be easily placed in your carry-on luggage, tote or clutch for on-the-go smile brightening. As such, these travel-friendly smile brighteners will be making an appearance in my luggage soon. What about yours?

Wipe it Enjoy that night out with friends, then slip into the toilette and wipe off the red wine stains to reveal your sparkling smile. Cost: between $7 - $12 for 20 Wine Wipes.

Stick it The Cosmetic Cop has come out with her own breath-freshening, teeth touch-up stick that only takes 2-minutes to use. Cost: between $15 - $22 for Paula's Choice Brighten Up.

Brush it Go Smile, a legacy teeth whitening brand, has created a teeth whitening maintenance travel kit. Simply use this toothpaste to clean teeth and maintain your pearly whites. Cost: from $12 for Go Smile Jet Set Travel Kit.