Hidden Hideaways

[trip style = budget + luxury + sun + beach] Sometimes hotels come across my desk that cause me to stop what I'm doing and attempt to live vicariously though the travel eye candy-like pictures. The next 3 hotels are in this category. I drool just thinking about them. Rather than boasting 10 pools, 12 restaurants and a zip-line, they are small, secluded hideaways. Places that you'd actually want to unplug and just be. I haven't visited any of them yet, but they are all on my travel bucket list. Prepare to be dazzled by secluded bliss...

Yelapa Casa Pericos, Mexico yalapa casa, mexico Last year, when our friends told us tales of their balmy adventure getting to and staying at this tiki meets swiss family robinson meets woodsy chic abode, I just about died. Here is their account: Yelapa, a sleepy little town of about 1000 people across the bay from Puerto Vallarta, is a place where life slows to a crawl. The town can only be reached by boat, most typically from Puerto Vallarta. Here there are no cars and accommodations come with neither TVs nor phones. The slow pace of life was hammered home as we spent the better part of a day watching the construction industry at work. We were lying in our hammocks sipping drinks on the beach while locals attempted to load rebar onto a burro (for the record that is not an easy task). Restaurants in Yelapa are a family affair which generally consists of a few tables in someone’s house or backyard. We stayed in a beautiful palapa {the hotel} built over the ocean that was open to the elements. This gorgeous little town offers days spent on the beach, beautiful walks to waterfalls, great food and little else. A perfect slice of paradise to get away from it all. yelapa townyelapa mexicoyelapa, mex Cost: $95 - $295

Royal Plantation {Fowl Cay Resort}, Bahamas fowl cay resort bahamas Staying in one of only six villas on a private 50-acre island in the Bahamas is a trip I'd settle for, and I think you would too. Couple this escapist experience with white-sand beaches, a personal boat, all the beach-front and ocean activities you could imagine, plus included food and bevs, and you've got yourself a pretty fabulous hidden hideaway retreat! Book a house or book the island, you decide. Cost: From $1285/night (based on double occupancy; includes activities, food & bev)

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia jade mountain resort, st lucia When I see pictures of an architecturally stunning, idyllic retreat with infinity pools overlooking aqua waters and tropical peaks, let's just say my interest is peaked. Designed by a Canadian architect now living in St. Lucia, Jade Mountain is constantly being recognized by travel publications "best of" lists. One day in the future, I'd like to put it on my own "best of" list! Cost: From $950/night

[photo credit: Yelapa Casa (Yelapa town - Steve) Fowl Cay & Jade Mountain]