Crushing On :: ZEbag Wine Carrier

[trip style = wine tasting]

I have a crush {pun intended} on the ZEbag Wine Carrier. A stylish, organized and French companion for your next wander into wine country. With spring's warmer weather and rows of rolling, emerald-green vines awaiting; the hills are alive with grapes, and we COULD NOT be more excited.

The ZEbag carrier starts as a stylish, hexagonal tote and opens as a flat, on-the-go wine rack with six triangular pockets---cubbies really---for your latest pinot and chardonnay purchase. Use the handle to hold your trip style = wine tasting arm candy, or hang it in your hotel room {or home} after a long day of sipping. Bonus, in addition to its good looks, it has brains too holding 11 bottles when flat and storing wine on its ever-important side to keep the cork from drying.

{Trip Styler Tip :: If it's a hot day, don't leave wine in the trunk of your vehicle or tasting charter. You don't want a bursting bottle or red wine reduction.}

Made in four colors {black, red, khaki and grey} with a durable, lightweight fabric, the only conundrum will be how many to buy. One just isn't going to cut it; a visit to wine country usually yeilds more than six bottles. Find the ZEbag on Amazon for about $50.

PS - Don't dig the grape? The ZEbag also carries spirits---perfect for my grandpa's 'traveling bar.'

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