Fashion Friday :: Scarf Tying 101

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Scarves: they're on every woman's travel packing list. Well, guess what? They're not overrated---and they're not just for women, but more on that later. What other travel accessory is fashionable, practical and comfortable? Chilly flight? Put on a scarf. Broken bag strap? Tie on a scarf. Coffee on your shirt? Cover with a scarf. Fell and broke your arm? Sling on a scarf. Forgot to pack a scarf? Go buy a scarf!

Watch this clever video for 25 try-at-home-in-the-mirror-by-yourself-with-a-glass-of-wine ideas. Talk about the perfect Friday night...

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Trip Styler Tip #1: Have you ever noticed how some women just sling scarves around their necks and look perfectly put together? They could just be French, but chances are their scarves aren't cheap. The sad truth is that pricier scarves hang and hold their shape better than more affordable scarves. Try the same tie with an H&M scarf and an Alexander McQueen scarf and you'll see what I mean. You can find a fantastic scarf for $5, but if you want to feel like a million bucks, invest in a fabulous scarf.

Trip Styler Tip #2: Guys, you can wear non-winter scarves too. Brooklyn-based company the Hill-side makes great scarves from utilitarian fabrics like selvedge chambray, wool and organic flax cotton.

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Now What To Buy?
(clockwise from top left)
Burberry printed modal and linen-blend scarf, Virginia Johnson lightweight merino wool shawl, A Peace Treaty tsuru taupe scarf, Vivienne Westwood printed woven scarf, Alexander McQueen skull print modal and cashmere blend scarf, Madewell storyteller cityblock scarf, Reborn 4d polaroid scarf, Zara graduated tricolour scarf, Swash horn of africa eclipse printed silk-chiffon scarf, Etro printed silk shiffon scarf, Benah marlin silk scarf

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