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{Editor's Note: Today is a hybrid of our destination Spotlight{s} and Fashion Friday columns mix-mastered into one! Enjoy.}

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May I take a minute of your time for a New York minute?

I recently wrote an article for the travel section of The Daily Meal {an NYC-based foodie site} about what to pack for food-loving adventures, one of which was restaurant tasting in NYC.

The Trip In late November my sister {Trip Styler's Fashion Friday columnist} and I took a literal bite out of the Big Apple. Not wanting to waste any time during our 3-night/4-day stay, she made a foodie itinerary---based on the army of lifestyle bloggers she follows---that took us to corner bistros and alley-cat restaurants. See my top 3 picks below.

The Garb Trying to fit a restaurant and shopping checklist the size of the Chrysler building into one trip style = extended weekend, we were constantly on the go, meaning many of the fancier get-ups we brought for dinner didn't get worn. Ideally, it's always fun to get dressed up for a night out, but practically, it doesn't always happen that way when you've been out and about ALL day and need nourishment at.that.moment---hence the above day-to-night NYC restaurant'ing packing/style guide. - Women // Start with colored jeans, jean shirt, leather jacket and a Kate Spade messenger bag. End with the same bottoms, plus a black tank and leopard blazer to finish the look. - Men // Start with dark-wash jeans, button-up shirt and blazer. End by adding a pocket square and scarf to finish the look.

The Restaurants 1/ Breakfast // Freemans - Walking down a narrow alley, you reach a tall brick building with a small, nondescript door. Inside, the people and cuisine are the art in the old, canvas-like space. Freemans is an urban tavern experience with food that pulls from American traditions.

2/ Lunch // Cafe Cluny - This petite, cream-colored corner bistro is where conversation and contemplation happen---a place you could just as easily chat with friends or sit solo and read a novel. Servers wear striped Breton shirts, which I'm quite sure makes the French food taste that much better.

3/ Dinner // August - A small and simple interior meant to highlight the Mediterranean meals opens up into a glass-enclosed terrace with glowing lights, overhanging flowers and banquette seating reminiscent of massive church pews. Warning: the restaurant might have to kick you out, because you'll want to stay all night.

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[photos and images via @tripstyler, cafe cluny & august]