Cafe Cesura

[trip style = urban]

{Editor's Note: On Monday we announced we'd be adding a new feature to TS's editorial calendar on Fridays, IMG_FRI. Here's the skinny: in addition to our once-monthly Fashion Friday column, we’re going to focus on uber-cool travel images from around the world—snapshots that will enhance the stories we’re already telling or pave the way for future features! Think more pics, less prose.}

Pictured Here: an urbanesque coffee shop in Bellevue, WA {a close sibling of Seattle}. We've done a summer Spotlight on Bellevue, but over our holiday visit we found too many gems to hold back, and this coffee shop, Cafe Cesura, is one of them. Expect more on Bellevue in the coming weeks.

[photos by @tripstyler]