Men's Travel Style :: Summer-To-Fall Packing Inspiration

[trip style = any]

Dare I say the uber-versatile, chambray shirt is to men what the LBD is to women? And since I'm making bold statements, here's another: both garments are above seasonal wear {read: fall is coming "weather" you like it or not}, and provide a neutral enough palette to be dressed-up or dress-down as a key transitional travel piece.

Recently I saw this bout of outfit advice from Indochino, a Vancouver-based custom tailor for men, focusing on the timeless chambray shirt and the many ways to wear it. The visual mix and match translates perfectly into packing inspiration for men.

My husband has mastered the art of packing fashionably and light with the chambray shirt. There isn't one trip style we've taken, from long beach days in Thailand to winters in Portland, he hasn't packed his trusty chambray shirt. I'm not saying every man should dress like my husband---though if that were the case, it would be a well-dressed world---but the point is, it goes beyond trip styles and seasons as a go-to travel wardrobe essential.

Trip Styler Tip :: In addition to planning your travel wardrobe around your trip style's itinerary, choose a double-duty do-all piece to set-up/ground your travel wardrobe. Men, in case this isn't redonculously obvious, may we suggest chambray shirt?

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[photos via indochino]