Condensed Mancations

[trip style = mancation + active & adventure]

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Mancations are on my mind. My husband, who is fast becoming Mr. Trip Styler with a travel schedule that's outpacing mine, has two on his roster, plus my friend is organizing a 14-guy bachelor break to San Francisco.

{Trip Styler Tip :: See Mancation tips, resources and definition here.}

Occasionally, I wish I were a man, so I could take a man trip; there's no drama, virtually no budget, and a sport-filled schedule. Man time is maximized, nay a spa week in sight; they're in, they're out, and back to normal life. Done.

The more I think about it, Mr. breaks are just like men {at least on the surface}; direct and not too complicated. Maybe one day I'll get invited on a mancation, or take a girls getaway moonlighting as a mancation, but for now, I'll live vicariously through the men in my life.

Curious about what makes a mancation tick, here's a peek into two bro furloughs my husband is taking over the next few weeks:

The 30-Hour Cat Ski Destination :: Cascade Mountains, WA - Friday afternoon: leave {by car} - Eat a meaty take-out dinner on the road - Drive to a small hotel near the cat ski base camp - Saturday: ski brains out with Cascade Powder Cats - Late afternoon, drive home

The 48-Hour Sport 'n Sun Destination :: Scottsdale, AZ - Monday afternoon: leave {by plane} - Evening of bbq'ing, tequila, cigars and hot tubbing at a vacation rental - Tuesday: brunch, golf, hockey {watch The Phoenix Coyotes play the Vancouver Canucks in a suite at the arena} - Wednesday: morning breakfast, afternoon flight home.

[photos via cascade powder cats & grayhawk]