Tech Tuesday :: Hotel Tonight {+ Canada!}

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In September 2011, we told you about Hotel Tonight, an app for iThings and Androids that allows people to book hotels at the last minute---so last minute that booking only becomes available at noon the day-of. To say we love this app in all its spontaneous glory, is an understatement, so when we learned about the latest development, we had to share it with you! Previously, only hotels in major US cities were bookable, now they've added Vancouver and Toronto into the mix.

Taking a look at the hotels available in Vancouver on May 3rd, I see the Pan Pacific for $203 and the Granville Island Hotel $182. To compare, on for the same night, the Pan is $247 and the Granville Island Hotel is $265. Hotel Tonight offers a respectable savings for both. Being a total travel geek, I peruse Hotel Tonight for fun {even when I'm not traveling} to see if the prices are "all that." Most of the time, they are a decent savings. {I just realized this must sound really sales-y, but TS isn't like that AND I'm just really passionate about this subject.}

I know we're not all comfortable with the last minute-, throw-caution-to-the-wind-approach, but if it's a Friday night and you decide you want to do an overnight trip starting Saturday morning, remember your friend Hotel Tonight. If you don't find what you want, you can always book via a hotel's website, Kayak or Expedia! Get more juicy details on the Hotel Tonight app by reading our previous post about it.

{Trip Styler Tip :: Discounts may grow as the sun sets. At the time of writing on May 3rd, I saw some good deals at noon. Checking back around 6pm some updated, amazing deals, were offered. In this scenario, it pays to be late for a very important date!}

PS - Just last week I booked the Thompson Beverly Hills---a hotel I've been eyeing and will write about tomorrow---on Hotel Tonight. I got it for $153 and the whole 'transaction' took less than one minute via my iPhone.

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