UP Your {INSTA} Travel Photo Game


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I recently read an article in AFAR about how to UP your Instagram game. In it, the travel mag's creative director, Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, shares her tips for achieving ace snaps every time.

Last night I was going through my photos of Australia from a few years ago, and I realized it would have been nice to have known a few of these tricks back then. I'm not sure how you botch photos of one of the world's most gorgeous beaches, Whitehaven, but I did. 

Elizabeth {@white_lightning} is a triple-threat. Before working at AFAR, she was the art director at Bon Appetit. With her love of travel, food and vintage fashion, her photo advice is totally trip styled! Here are three of her tips, plus a few additions from Trip Styler HQ {@tripstyler}.

Steady Yo Self
"Steady your hand and use the auto-focus lock {hold your finger down on the frame}. Crisp and sharp photos always looks best, unless the blur or action is intentional. Take the extra three seconds to make it perfect."

Trip Styler Tip: In addition to pressing the auto-focus lock every time, we also play around and shoot about 20 photos from various angles to get the best shot. 

Think Outside the Insta App
"Take the photo with your camera, then use editing software...I DO always shoot in the square though, because then the ratios are the same as they are in Instagram...The most valuable new tool in the Instagram app {to me} is the adjust tool, which allows you to make vertical and horizontal perspective adjustments. This will help you a ton if you want perfect lines and angles, but aren’t the straightest shooter."

Trip Styler Tip: Angles are uber important. We love going back to geometry class to perfectly align our photo in the frame.


Go Natural
"Natural light is always best; backlit is almost never great...As for no-nos: In most cases candlelight, dark bars/restaurants, a low-light lamp, etc. will not yield the best results. The photo will likely be blurry and hard to read."

Trip Styler Tip: There are SO MANY instances when we want to capture a candlelit moment or a delish dish in a low-lit room. While I may immortalize the moment to remember the details later, I'll never publish the photo. You have to have the right light.


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[top photo by @tripstyler, all others via @white_lightning's instagram]