First Look: Cruising with Disney

Disney Dream Photos

[trip style = sun + beach + spa + luxury]

Baby Styler's legs started pumping the minute we boarded the motorcoach en-route to Port Canaveral, Orlando for our Bahamas-bound cruise on the Disney Dream. In his 11 months on Earth, with experiences such as his first bite of pizza in Rome and his first-ever swim off the island of LanaiI know, I know, he's a lucky little guynothing dazzled him like the Disney bus. I shouldn't have been surprised. Disney has a way of sprinkling fairy dust on everything it touches.  

Seeing his eyes open to the size of cantaloupes based on the bus' videos and character-painted windows alone, Mr. Trip Styler and I turned to each other and smiled, knowing he would go berserk when we actually boarded the boat. 

At the end of the gangway a corridor of white-suited staff lined up, announced our arrival by name and greeted us like long-lost friends as we stepped onto the 1,115-foot ship. Wondering if this VIP treatment was only reserved for Trip Stylers, seconds later I heard a string of other names exclaimed as more broods walked aboard. 

While I have clips and clips of video to showcase everything from our stateroom to the adult-only spa, I wanted to start my coverage with photos from the four-day cruise to give you a sense of how Disney navigates the high seas. 

Hint Hint: They do so with the throwback class of cruising and the wonder of Walt. Trip Styler approved.

[photos by @tripstyler, taken as a guest of disney cruise lines, a voyage i selected due to its blend of baby- and adult-centric entertainment]