Jetset Style :: Crop It Like It's Hot

We know fall is around the corner when daylight hours dim, leaves crunch underfoot and sweaters come out of hiding. But when the temperature is too warm for wool and too cool for sandals, how should we dress? This year’s answer may shock you: Culottes.

No, this isn’t an 80s #tbt post—this cropped style is the trend of the year. Not quite pants and not quite shorts, culottes are often described by what they’re not. They also have several ridiculous names like gaucho, flood and palazzo pants. No matter what you call them, they’re comfortable and versatile, and they’ll be the perfect packing item for any fall escape.

Guys: While culottes are a major player in avant-garde men's fashion, they haven't hit the high street. GQ writes that men should wear trousers, jeans and chinos that fit slim through the leg and stop before hitting the top of their shoes. Ease into this shorter style with no-break pants or roll/cuff your longer pants. Feeling adventurous? Try jogger-cuff pants or culotte-style trousers.

Styling tips

  • To lengthen the leg, pair with heels. A pointed or exposed toe will even further elongate your silhouette.
  • This style also works well with sneakers, loafers and sandals for a more casual look.
  • Seek out a high waistline to give the impression of even longer legs.
  • Wear one color head to toe or try a jumpsuit paired with a leather or denim jacket for a sleek culottes-in-disguise look.
  • Layer a sweater or graphic sweatshirt over a tank or tuck in a denim shirt or turtleneck in cooler climates.
  • Throw a boyfriend-style or double-breasted blazer over a cropped shirt or tank.

Did you know? During the Victorian Era, women wore wide, skirt-like trousers for activities like horseback riding, cycling and tennis.

Clockwise from top left: Zara cropped flowing trousers, Topshop moto straight indigo culottes, Topshop halterneck culotte jumpsuit, Jesse Kamm sailor pant, Everlane , Aritzia eckhardt pant

This post is written by Trip Styler's Assistant Wayfarer/Editor Heather.

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