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renting a car with silvercar

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Over the past six months I've had a series of car rental situationsfar-from-the airport agencies, pushy agents, sketchy buildings, never-ending check-in linesthat have made me loathe hiring a vehicle for my travels.

Enter Silvercar, an all-Audi A4 fleet of rental vehicles with concierge pick-up and drop-off, in-car WiFi and GPS, roadside assistance, included baby seats {based on availability}, gas fill-up for only a $5 fee {+ fuel at pump price} and gold-standard service. Oh, and this is NOT an April fools' joke. 

Just before we left for Santa Barbara two weeks ago, Mr. Trip Styler and I were looking at car rental prices out of LAX and gasped at the higher-than-usual prices. Then we remembered an upscale car rental company we'd heard good things about. We weren't too worried about the price, as they offer heavy discounts for first-time users and incentives for return guests {see below}. Done and done; we'll travel in style {as we do} in La La Land.

Trip Styler Tip: Use this referral code MLNITRQA to earn $25 when you complete your first rental with Silvercar. Also, to get your FIRST DAY FREE, use the code loungebuddy.

Depending on the citySilvercar is currently in 12 cities across the USAyou go right to the car at the airport and unlock it via the app. At LAX, we were picked up curbside and driven to a nearby facility, where we quickly got an overview of the vehicle. Once we signed out the car via the app, we were free to drive into the horizon, all-wheel drive and all.

PS. As longtime fans of TS are well aware, I only write about things I love, so no, this post is not sponsored. Silvercar is just an easy-on-the-nerves car rental service you NEED to know about. 

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