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Airplane bathroom lavatory etiquette

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I've been hanging out at 37,000 feet a lot lately, and you would NOT believe how many people I spot failing to follow b-a-s-i-c airplane bathroom etiquette. With this, I have a newfound side-mission: Make the world a cleaner and more courteous place, especially in the commode.  

With this, here are some key aircraft lavatory courtesies you should be considering {read: Following} while flying:

1/ Don't go to the bathroom with bare feet or in socks. AH! Wear shoes, or a pair of rubber-soled slippers you can slip into a shower cap post-flight and wash thereafter. 
---> You would not believe how many people I see entering or exiting the lavatories in socks. The response I wish I had the guts to ask these toilet trespassers: Did you bring a hazmat bag for your feet? 

2/ If there is a lineup, for goodness sake, be a gentlemen or gentlewoman and hold the door open for the next person. Don't let the springy door close on the next person as they are walking in.
--> I can't even tell you the amount of times someone has let the lav door slam into my face without even batting an eye or uttering "sorry." Oy.

3/ Ladies and GENTS: Always close toilet seat completely when you are done. {Oh, and while you're at it, remember to lock the door!}
--> And, if you're in there for awhilecatch my driftdouble-flush to avoid leaving a mess in the bowl. If I had a penny for every time I opened the toilet to find, well, you do the math...

4/ Wash your hands AND drain the sink. The reason you have to drain the sink in the sky is so your dirty hand water doesn't slosh everywhere during turbulence.

5/ If you're traveling with an infant, bring scented, air-tight bags {some airlines supply these, most don't} to put dirty diapers in before throwing them in the trash. 

Finally, if you want to keep extra clean, pump the soap and use your wrists to turn on the tap. Once you're done washing, grab a towel to dry off and open the lavatory door with the towel, THEN throw it in the garbage. This way, you keep yourself and the aircraft a little more sanitary.

Mr. Clean would be proud! 

[photo sourced online via Daily Mail]