5 rules for polished packing

Fash-Packing: 5 Rules For Polished Packing

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When my mind isn't massaging words or longing after Laos, I escape into the world of fashion blogs, and often think "this post is PERFECT packing inspiration for jetsetters." Recently NET-A-PORTER published a five-page spread of fall/winter, trip style = urban rules for casual yet crisp outfit mastery. Many of the principles are applicable to both gals and guys.

Migrating between my closet and suitcase at least every two weeks, I abide by packing lists and fashion rules---infused by such reading---based on seasons, classics and trends; so, when I find sage advice, I feel I MUST share it. From NET-A-PORTER to Trip Styler to you:

1/ add a hint of color 2/ go monochrome {ps - white pants are OK for winter} 3/ day-to-soiree - mix skinnies with a dapper blazer and fancy shoes 4/ play with proportion - tight pants call for a loose top 5/ think ’70s

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[photos and fashion fix via NET-A-PORTER]