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Healthy On The Road :: Boost-it Foods

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January wouldn't be January at the Trip Styler HQ without an extra dose of detox. After kicking off 2014 with our favorite wayfaring cleanse, the glowing green smoothie, we're coming back to you with another one-way ticket to wellness. As you think about what pins you'll push into the map this year, before takeoff, boost your body with this list of inexpensive, natural and vitamin-rich superfoods, all favorites of the most frequent and fabulous fliers I know: the Virgin Atlantic flight crew. Lucky day: indulging in all these tropical treats is a vacation unto itself.

Coconut Water
Hydration significantly reduces feelings of jet lag, and coconut water is alkaline showing great cleansing effects on the body.

Trip Styler Tip: No coconut water in the fridge? Pop the petite and reusable Santevia Alkaline Water Stick into a jug or water bottle to achieve similar, alkalizing effects.

Eating bananas boosts serotonin which stabilizes your mood and has a calming effect on the brain.

Pineapples contain high levels of vitamin C that help improve your immunity. Their juice also helps with digestion and aids in flushing your system.

Wheatgrass powder contains the same green pigment found in plants, and helps flush the liver as well as regulate digestion.

Jump Start Jetsetter
Just hitting the Virgin Clubhouse circuit this January, I'm amped for the antioxidant-packed Jump Start Jetsetter---a non-alcoholic cocktail cool enough to drink at the bar. In case you're not stopping by one of Sir Branson's lounges in the next few weeks, here's the secret sauce for a DIY version:

Pineapple Juice: antioxidant that increases intestinal productivity and rich in Vit C
Coconut Water: alkaline that has great cleansing effects on the body
Ginger: antioxidant that stimulates digestion and circulation
Agave: high in vitamins and minerals, low GI
Mint: soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation
Angostura bitters: stimulates digestion and reduces trapped gasses
Egg whites: zero fat and low calorie protein Fresh lemon: break down fats and stimulates digestion

Finally, once you've arrived in your destination, ditch the AM coffee for a cup of warm water and a splash of lemon to wake-up your system and banish grogginess.

[photos, in order of appearance, by @tripstyler and Virgin Atlantic]