better to book flight or hotel first

The Chicken or the Egg

flight or hotel firstWhen you travel, do you book your flight or hotel first?  Why?

Because both transport and hotel need to be booked, sometimes it's hard to figure out if it's the chicken or the egg!

The Chicken Flight First Here are a few reasons why it's generally more accepted to book your flight/train/bus first:

  • airfare (transport) prices are always fluctuating, so if you see a good rate, it's best to book
  • book your flight first to carve-out and maximize your time away
  • there's always a lodging option, even during high-season and big events, though it may require a half hour journey by train or car to get there
  • typically, more lodging inventory exists than seats on planes

*A counterpoint: sometimes your trip style calls for booking the hotel first, for example, if you book your hotel on a super-saver deal, or if you book through a private sale or travel auction site. About 4 years ago I booked a room via Sky Auction at the Villa Vera Resort, and had to secure the dates before my flight. Although this scenario is not my preference, you can always find alternative lodging or stay at an airport hotel if the best travel dates are a day or two off.

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