carry-on allowances

Random Baggage/Security Rules

random baggage security rulesRecently, when I was double checking if I could bring scissors in my carry-on, I came across some random rules for what you could and counldn't put inside your carry-on and checked luggage. Here are some specific items that might surprise you:

What you Can Bring Carry-ons

  • Liquids & personal care aerosols under 100ml/3floz
  • Contact lens solution and medical gels & creams over 100ml
  • Baby food, formula, water and juice over 100ml {until child is 24months}
  • Scissors {with blades measuring 6 cm/2.4 in.}, cuticle clippers, nail clippers, tweezers and disposable razors
  • Razor blades in a cartridge
  • Gel-filled bras and similar prosthetics
  • Toy weapons like squirt guns that do not look like real weapons
  • Dry ice {up to 2.5 kg per person in a labelled package must permit the release of carbon dioxide gas}
  • Duct tape
  • Lawn darts {measuring 6 cm/2.4 in. or less}
  • Whips {may be permitted by airline carrier provided certain conditions are met}
  • Bricks of cheese, meats, nuts, fruits & veggies {anything liquid like yogurt must be under 100ml}

Checked Bags

  • Ammunition
  • Arrows used in crossbows & crossbows
  • Axes
  • Belts made with fake bullets
  • Bullet casings
  • Firearms {unloaded}
  • Sabres, swords and scuba knives

Other: batteries are allowed in your carry-on but NOT in your checked bag. For your carry-on, aside from what's already in your walkman electronics, you're only allowed 2 spare batteries per person.

{Trip Styler Tip: for a full list of what you can and can't bring go to Catsa's Pack Smart in Canada and the TSA's they-don't-have-a-cool-name-for-it in the US.}

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[photo by shamanic shift]