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Italy ciao

[trip style = urban + beach + sun + spa + food + wine + luxury]

Ciao from Italy, a heaven-on-earth where gelato is considered a food group and wine flows like water.  

I suppose the saying "all roads lead to Rome" is true because when I was in Maui with the Expedia Viewfinder crew in April, I found out Expedia would be sending me to Rome in July. Despite the fact that travel is my gig and {almost} greatest joy, I cried the moment I found out, because...Italy.  

I'll share more about my Rome assignment in a week, but in the meantime, here's a glimpse into my three-week trip, which I extended, because...Italy.

Nights 1-4 = Rome 
Goal: Adjust to the time zone and work on my gelato tolerance. 

Nights 5-10 = Ischia
Goal: Relax at a Relais & Châteaux spa hotel on a lesser-known island 20 minutes {by boat} from Capri. 

Nights 11-13 = Amalfi 
Goal: Explore the cliffy coast and take as many pictures as my SD card can handle. 

Night 14 = Capri
Goal: Blitz the ritzy isle in style. 

Nights 16-21 = Rome
Details soon! Hint: It will involve pasta-making, plus a taste-making view of the Eternal City!   

PS. Love la dolce vita? Find pics on Instagram {@TripStyler} or by searching the hashtag #TSRomanHoliday

[photo by @tripstyler]