handsome coffee weekend

Handsome Coffee LA

[trip style = urban + sun]

Last weekend in LA, both my husband and Trip Styler's Fashion Friday columnist urged me to sip java at Handsome Coffee Roasters! Not one to say no to a coffee date or handsome hipsters, I was in!

In LA's Arts District---filled to the brim with warehouses, lofts {including the loft from the set of New Girl} and factories---the minimalist espresso emporium only serves: espresso // espresso with milk // coffee. No sugar, no soy, no extras. It's hardcore, just like the curlycue moustaches adorning the hipster gents passionately barist-ing each bev.

PS - The below food truck was conveniently parked outside, complementing Handsome's coffee and croissants with a morning dose of protein. I had an "eggslut" sandwich, and it was gooey-good.

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[photos by @tripstyler]