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running while away tipsOne of the easiest and time-efficient ways to stay fit while traveling is to jog. In safe destinations, I love to run around the area surrounding my city hotel, or jog along the beach at my resort. In not-so-safe areas, I opt for the hotel's treadmill. Although I like the peacefulness of running by myself, running with a group is much more motivating, and until now, that's been hard to achieve while on the road.

A Run Concierge? Westin Hotels offers a running program aimed at helping guests keep up with their fitness routines while enjoying the fresh air and views of the city. Led by a running concierge (how cool is that?), and taking place three times a week, the three-mile runs welcome runners of all levels. What a great way to stay in shape and see the surrounding area! The only drawback? Running Concierges' aren't at all Westin Hotels, yet; they mostly occupy Westin's Asia Pacific hotels and three properties in Dallas. But if want to venture out on your own, many Westin Hotels also have three- and five-mile running/walking routes designed and certified by Runner's World Magazine.

Alternatives to Running Walking As obvious as this might seem, walking the same routes mentioned above or on the hotel gym's treadmill is a good way to keep active while on a business or I'm-going-to-be-sitting-a-lot type of vacation. One nice surprise when I got back from a month in Europe and Africa last year: because I'd walked so much while sightseeing, I wasn't completely out of running shape when I returned home!

Water running If your hotel doesn't have a gym, but has a pool, try water running instead. Water running wwwhhhaaattt? Rather than doing the typical egg-beater treading-water motion, replace this with the running motion with full arm and leg swings to propel you up and forward. Although the water's resistance doesn't allow you to move quickly and it's fairly tiring at first, do it in small bursts keeping your chin above water. I've done this a lot on vacation when I haven't felt like treadmill-ing or there isn't a gym! It's a great alternative to pounding the pavement!

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