how to dress at the airport

Dos & Don'ts of Airport Wear

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Sometimes my travel faux pas turn into teachable moments. This is one of those times.

But first, some questions to set the mood: When you're about to take a flight, do you think about the overall impact of the items you're wearing? How long will it take to partially disrobe before security---think jacket, scarf, sweater, shoes---and do your pants have too many zippers? And will those pants be comfortable on a six-hour flight?

A few weeks ago I traveled to BC's Wine Country, and in a Speedy Gonzales packing session, I planned my outfit based on fashion, not function.

On the way there, the culprit was a brown leather belt connected by metal bobbles. True, I could have removed it in line, but I forgot, so I took 1.5 mins to weave it out of my belt loops while everyone in the security line behind me grunted with frustration. On the way back, the culprit was a dark jean shirt with 12 metal snaps. As I was about to walk through the metal detector I sighed, knowing I'd made the wrong shirt choice. As expected, the beep called out my shirt {and 6 am outfit choice} and a touchy-feely body search ensued.

It had been about a month and a half since I'd been on a plane and my airport skills were rusty. Don't make the same mistake I did; airport attire is one of your most important packing decisions because you have to sit with your choice while traveling to the airport, going through security, waiting for your flight, putting a bag in the overhead bin and sitting for however many hours in your seat.

Good Airport Wear
- loose tops and blazers and jackets
- pants with some sort of give
- skirts
- a scarf/pashmina for warmth
- flats

Bad Airport Wear
- zippered anything
- snaps
- metal
- jewelry
- crocs or uggs
- juicy couture-like tracksuits

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