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Tech Tuesday :: Phoneography

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I know, we favor the iPhone just a tad here at Trip Styler. Blame our former Blackberries, which really nailed it on the email and bbm front...

Basic smartphone functions aside, when you can make your iPhone look like a classic camera and enhance its photos, we're sold.

Meet the Photojojo Rangefinder {$65 usd}, a phoneography system equipped with a shutter button, viewfinder, aperture numbers {just for show}, camera strap loops and tripod mount. Add on the fisheye, wide angle/macro and 2x telephoto magnetic lenses {mentioned in my 2012 wish list when I was interviewed by The Calgary Herald}, and you've got a triple threat {total for rangefinder and lenses $99 usd}.

Details - Case turns 'volume up' button into a shutter button - Surround doesn't block the charging dock or any buttons - Works with iPhone 4/4S

PS - Self-portrait perfection? A mirror is built into the faux front lens.

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[photos via photojojo]