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Summer Blockbuster Movies + Trip Planning

Have you made your summer travel plans yet?  If not and you need some ideas, why not inspire your travel with this summer's blockbuster movies and live like: - billionaire, playboy, industrialist turned do-gooder Tony Stark - everyone's fave fictitious New Yorker: Carrie Bradshaw - self-discovery aficionado and author extraordinaire Elizabeth Gilbert

Suit-up in Malibu The Movie: Iron Man 2

The Opening Date: May 7

Trip Style = Sun

Setting the Scene: Guys, hit-up the gym for that Robert Downey Jr. physique, grab your crew and fly to Cali.  Rent an Audi R8 and cruise the PCH to Point Dume state park in Malibu, arguably one of the most gorgeous stretches of land in the area as well as the location producers of Iron Man chose to superimpose his swanky pad for the movie.  Then, get back in your sweet ride and drive to Las Vegas to play roulette and drink an extra dirty martini while you're at it.  Bonus: in keeping with the upcoming sequel,  try to get your hands on the new R8 Spyder.

Get Carried Away in NY The Movie: Sex & the City2

The Opening Date: May 27

Trip Style = Urban

Setting the Scene: Why not take a girls getaway to NYC and live like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Watch the movie in NY, sip a cosmo at Scout (O'Neal's Speakeasy), savour a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery (downtown location) or browse the Art Gallery (Louis K. Meisel Gallery) where Charlotte worked.  If you're feeling really adventurous, rumour has it the girls are jet-setting to the Middle East.

Going Solo The Movie: Eat Pray Love

The Opening Date: Aug 13

Trip Style = Adventure

Setting the Scene: Although this movie-inspired trip plan takes you a little further than NY, I don't know anyone who has regretted going to Italy.  Whether you pull a full-on Elizabeth Gilbert and visit the three I's (Italy, India and Indonesia) or travel to just one location (like my hairdresser who ventured to Ubud for a visit with Medicine Man Ketut Liyer), there's something to be said for venturing solo.

[All this talk of movies and travel takes me back to my cherished solo movie-going adventure in London: Bridget Jones' Diary.   Watching the movie in the place where it took place seemed to personalize, intensify and authenticate the movie experience.  It's something I'll never forget.]

[photo credit in order of appearance: Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios; NewLine Cinema, HBO Films; Columbia Pics]