one day in tokyo


[trip style = urban]

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When faced with a 10-hour layover in Japan what do you do? Last week, I found out.

The tired part and studious of me---that had just flown through the night from Bangkok---wanted to nap in the JAL Lounge relaxation room, then get a head start on writing. The traveler in me wanted to forget the dizziness, head bobbing and stomach ache associated with zero sleep, and explore a new city, especially one as COOL as Tokyo! The traveler prevailed.

Six Hours In Tokyo {The stars definitely aligned, the day was perfect: sunny and 17 degrees C with a slight breeze!}

{Central Tokyo, near Shibuya---a popular shopping and entertainment district.}


{Bikes 'n blossoms. So lucky to be in Tokyo during Hanami---aka flower or cherry blossom viewing.}

{Entrance to Meiji Shrine, near Harajuku!}

{Located inside an urban park, sake art on the path leading into the Meiji Shrine.}

{Asakusa Shrine.}

{Bikes are locked from the back, apparently it's illegal to lock your bike to something in Japan.}

{Lanterns and the Tokyo Sky Tree, aka tallest tower in the world at 2,080 ft high.}

{Narita Airport Express. Takes approximately 50 mins from the airport into central Tokyo and costs $30 one-way or $71 return including a $19 Suica train/subway card.}

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[photos by @tripstyler]