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Packing Pointers With Shaun

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Last week we had the great pleasure of interviewing Shaun, a Canadian rock star and author of "How To Pack Like A Rock Star" for our monthly feature, The Savvy Traveler.

Today, we get a sneak-peek at Shaun's packing prowess. Curious about how he fits a LOT into a LITTLE space, I asked him to share a few of his never-before-published techniques {that I plan to incorporate into my own packing process}:

1/ About his patent-pending folding method
"It's about being able to see all your clothes from the moment you open your bag; that way you're not rummaging through everything just to find that one article of clothing."

2/ What he likens his packing method to
"Bricks. For the same reason bricks aren't round, in a square suitcase you don't save space by putting in cylindrical objects because they don't stack well on top of each other."

3/ How many articles of clothing he fits in his carry-on {for a two-week trip}
"Ten t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, four dress shirts, a hoodie, 10 pairs of underwear, five white and five dark pairs of socks, and a toiletries bag. I can easily hide a pair of runners underneath as well, not to mention the two external pockets that are empty, but I tend to use those for dirty clothes and shower sandals."

4/ What items are always on his packing list
a} "Two words: Shower. Sandals." "My work lends me to exploring many great cities; however, it can also include some very dark and dirty music venues with dingy showers. Cheap flip flops have saved me on numerous occasions and they slip away easily into a wet pocket on the outside of my suitcase!"

b} "Three words: Industrial. Strength. Earplugs." "When I wake up on the plane or in a new country, I prefer to ease my ears into it by keeping them covered until I'm fully ready to explore. I like taking in the sights of a new city first without overloading my senses."

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