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Tech Tuesday :: A Nanny On High

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Sky nanny anyone?

Need help at the airport, getting settled into your seat or taking shifts with a crying baby? That's where the new, California-based touches down. For a $10 matching fee, this brave website is aiming to pair families and registered babysitters traveling on the same flight. Once a match is found, the parties sort out details like payment, where to meet, etc...

As you can imagine, there's a fleet of opinions flying about this new service. Most parents are rightfully concerned about leaving their child with a stranger, and to this end the website offers "you'll be right beside or near them." Moreover, if you and your sky-nanny-to-be are already booked on the same flight, how do you get your seats together if the plane is full? And with 30,000 daily commercial flights in the US alone, what's the likelihood of a registered nanny or babysitter actually flying on your same flight?

I'm not sure if this service will get its captain's wings or be forced to hang its hat, either way, it'll be interesting to see if the trend takes off {one of many puns  intended}.

PS - Squeamish about a sitter in the sky? On land check out US-based, a babysitting placement and matching service founded by a licensed private investigator and mom of three. Might be an option for traveling families in need of a sitter...

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