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Real-Time Translation


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This is big news, huge news, mega news involving the ability to break language barriers and change travel forever.

As of yesterday, Google released an update to their Google Translate app {iOS // Android} that allows for real-time translation in a conversation.  

Just THINK of the space-age ramifications. Ordering a Bordeaux in Bordeaux just got way easier. Finding un baño in Barcelona just got way easier. Buying a train ticket from Monterosso to Riomaggiore in Italy's Cinque Terre just got way easier.

Curious how well real-time translation actually works, Mr. Trip Styler and I took it for a test drive in Spanish/English. The results are a mishmash of funny, accurate and awkward!

{Can't view this video?}

- For real-time translation, you'll need a data connection, such as WiFi. Available in English to/from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
- You can also type in a translation query.
- Did you know that app also can translate images? Through Word Lens, point your camera at a sign or text block and the app will translate without a data connection. 

[photos and video via @TripStyler]