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Grande Beer with a Shot of Chardonnay

starbucks new 'latte, beer & wine' store capitol hill;There's a new pub in Seattle: it's green and in a latte shop. Your eyes aren't tricking you, I did string latte, green and pub together in the same sentence. The concept for this morning latte/evening wine experiment comes from a company known for their special beverages, but not those kind of beverages. On Monday, Starbucks, the creator of budget-draining caffeine addiction $4 coffee opened a concept store offering wine + beer after 4pm, fittingly in a LEED-certified building to boot.

Not Such a New Concept Ever since Starbucks gave the world a healthy appetite for specialty coffee and daily visits to the coffee shop, they've associated themselves with firsts, but people were drinking multiple coffees a day long before the grande, decaf, extra sweet, skinny mocha. Similarly, in cities all around the world, morning coffee shops/afternoon wine bars (like UVA in Vancouver) have been successfully transitioning customers from day to night.

Have Curiosity, Will Try Regardless of whether this is a new concept or not, I'm heading down to Seattle this weekend to pick up some amazing gilt group shoes for my husband enjoy the city, and curiosity has killed the cat: I have to try out this concept. Coming from a place of bottom line-driven innovation, a CBS News feature reported that 70% of Starbucks business happens before 2pm, so in an effort to gain some after-work revenue, kudos to them for trying out this concept, complete with $7-8 local wine, craft beer and artisan meats and cheese.

Thank goodness the store has been renovated to better reflect the nouveau atmosphere they are trying to create. Good thing, because I don't think I could stomach drinking a pinot gris in the traditional coffee-scented, muted autumn-coloured, steamy Starbucks store.

Find it The grande beer with an extra shot of chardonnay store can be found on Olive Way in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle.

[via Huffington Post] [photo by CBS morning news]