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Spotlight :: Portland {part deux}

portland part deux

Portland has a way of making return visitors. The foodie town I visited only two months ago beckoned me back {by way of a duvet cover, but that's a whole other story} to sip more coffee, savour more food and save the tax on a few petite purchases.

Only 6 hours from Vancouver, BC, weekending in Portland is a treat. Some choose to get there by racing down road warrior-style ignoring any of nature's calls, whereas, I suggest making the journey down part of the trip by stopping along the way in Bellingham and Seattle to break up the drive.


The above 21-second video is a combo of pictures from Portland part one and part deux. To slow down the speed, drag your curser over the status bar. Trouble viewing the video?

PDX Highlights {most pictured above}

Needless to say, I'll hopefully return for round three sometime soon. Whether in spring, summer, winter or fall, don't miss Portland's unique neighborhoods, bike accessibility, charcuterie platters, bourbon-esque drinks or indie music scene.

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[photos snapped by @tripstyler, @heatherlovesit & @nachoking]