vacation-friendly treats

5 Travel-Friendly Treats

travel-friendly treatsWhether it's turbulence, a harrowing landing, a delayed flight or lost bags, sometimes you need a little treat when you're traveling. When the going gets tough in the air or on the ground (believe it or not I don't love flying), I usually listen to my songs of the islands playlist and grab a petite treat to keep me from getting too stressed!

Petite & Packable Travel Treats Space Ice Cream Ice cream that never melts? You better believe it. Perfect as a treat for you or your kiddles on a short or long flight. Freeze-dried ice cream was developed for astronauts to enjoy a bit of the good life while in space. Back in the old days, I used to eat this stuff on hiking trips with my dad. I thought it was an '80s fad, apparently the fad is back.

All-Natural Licorice Even though this all-natural licorice isn't super healthy, as in banana or apple healthy, it's better than most candies made out of crazy refined sugars and chemicals. Chew on this when you want a little pick-me-up.

Cupcakes in a Jar This dessert is the epitome of a decadent travel treat. Developed by a UK mom who was experimenting with portion control, gDesserts' cupcakes travel well, are the ultimate in-flight treat and are the perfect gift for your friend in _____. If you're not going to be in the UK anytime soon, why not try a DIY batch for your next vacay?

Tic Tacs The taste of orange tic tacs cannot be rivaled. Who's with me on this? Aside from the orange smoothie-like taste, the size is oh so travel friendly and the amount is perfect for a full day of travel---or if you're like me, an hour on the plane.

Gum Discreetly chewing gum tends to help me calm down a little in the air, and unblock my ears. Also, gum gives you a {faux} sugar boost without the calories of candy or cakes! Most importantly, it helps keep your breath fresh when you haven't been able to brush your teeth. I never travel without gum.