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Glamping {from lean to luxe}

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{Editor's Note: I'm talking lean-to-luxe glamping options tomorrow on Global BC1's AM/BC with Jill Krop.}

It's been a while since glamping has made a grand entrance on the Trip Styler stage---'tis the season, right?

Glamping {glamorous camping} comes in all shapes, sizes and price points; think of it like a hybrid hotel stay under the stars. Most of the time, people glamp for the love of the trip style, versus a way to pinch pennies. And believe me, upscale glamping is often much more expensive than your average five-star stay.

Chic camping can be as simple as a yurt in the woods, as indie as an upscale trailer park hotel, or as fabulous as a full service tent set-up on a castaway isle. Here's a peek into the glamping gamut:

Lean Glamping {You, a yurt, and the wild} glamping riverside whistler Rent a yurt from a provincial or state park, or a campground. Most are heated for year-round use. Case in point, I rented a Yurt in Oregon for a November surf trip a few years ago. The circular perma-tent came with a futon, bunk beds, a breakfast table and a heater. Above: Riverside campground yurts in Whistler, BC.

Milieu Glamping {You, a cushy tent or trailer, and the effortless outdoors} mid-luxe glamping Top/ Hicksville Trailer Palace and Artist Retreat, Joshua Tree, CA Left/ Ecopod Boutique Retreat, Scotland Right/ Rolling Huts, WA

Luxe Glamping {You, a chic shack with ALL the bells and whistles, and nature---the edited version} luxe glamping Left/ Wilson Island, Australia Right/ Fairmont Mara Safari Club, Kenya

Fact: Glamping is one of my favorite trip styles. Have you been glamping?

[photos via riverside, hicksville, ecopod, rest by @tripstyler]