Gifting Travel

gifting travelEditor's Note :: Following last week's Christmas gift ideas for travelers piece focusing on stuff we can give those with the travel bug, here's an archived post from last December about travel experience gifts. Enjoy.

Give an experience rather than stuff this Christmas. Stuff sits around. Experiences get you out! Travel experiences are not often something people think of gifting, but are easy to give, as well as appreciated by sun-seekers and adventurers alike.

Here are some travel experiences you can give this Christmas: Your Airline Miles How it works:

  • login to the airline with which you have extra miles
  • navigate [or search] "transfer" or "give miles"
  • as an example, here’s how to transfer and give away miles with Alaska Airlines
  • if you are feeling like you want to give away more miles, you can also give to charities

Fairmont Gift Card How it works:

  • pick up a gift card at any fairmont location
  • use it toward a stay or at a restaurant within any fairmont

Travel Agencies How it works:

  • contact your travel agency and see if they have a gift certificate option (some do, but unfortunately don’t advertise it) and make sure their business is stable so you won't lose your money in 6 months
  • buy the travel gift certificate in your preferred denomination
  • example

[photo by Robyn2175]