Happy Birthday!

happy birthday trip stylerToday is Trip Styler's first birthday and, appropriately, I'm sitting in my room at the kitschy-cool Ace Hotel Portland {more about that later this week} remembering travel highlights of this past year and anticipating adventures to come.

Coming to be Unsure of where it would take me, this week last year, I started dabbling in online trip styling. Although I'd been dreaming and planning for awhile, starting Trip Styler could be likened to a first-time flyer: nervous on the runway but comfortable in the air. As time went on, it was confirmed, I was in love, so 6 months later---a little slow on the uptake I know---I shared the news to family and friends, and things grew from there. A new breed of amateur jetsetters were born, and Trip Styler thanks you!

What's Ahead Some exciting features, enhancements and destinations ahead:

  • Features :: Traveller gift guide, 2011 travel predictions, best travel apps of 2010, travel etiquette
  • Enhancements :: Slight website redesign so you can see and access information about your favorite categories and destinations more easily; ramping up travel treats {once-monthly hotel deals}; new monthly topics
  • Destinations :: December {Portland & Los Angeles}, 2011 {Australia, Big Island Hawaii, Tofino, Washington Wine Touring, etc...}

In addition to all the thank yous mentioned in my Canadian Thanksgiving post, I would also like to tip my hat to Leah, Lauren and Heather for your travel health, travel beauty and travel fashion contributions (find out more about these ladies on our about page).

Finally, let us know if there's anything new you'd like to see in 2011!

All the best, Trish and the gang

PS - We have grown a lot, but don't forget to tell your friends about Trip Styler, encourage them sign up for our daily trip style tips via email or RSS, join our Facebook group and/or follow us on Twitter.

[photo by Dryad + Sprite Photography]