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2010's most useful travel appsIt's Travel App Tuesday, and since this is Trip Styler's first birthday {week}---which just so happens to coincide with the end of 2010---we're featuring the most useful globetrotting apps of the past year. Technology and travel aficionados know it's one thing to love the idea of an app, and another to actually use it. There are so many smart, intuitive and fun travel apps, but if you don't use them while actually traveling, what's the point?

Over the past year I've featured 50+ travel-related apps, from bathroom to boutique hotel finders. Apps are like items in your wardrobe; some are the essentials (or at least seem like it in this digital age) and some are the accessories. The accessory apps will differ for each person's unique trip styles, but the following "undergarment" apps provide a good baseline for weekend jaunts and international sé-jours.

Most Useful Apps in 2010 {Free} Kayak I'm already in love with Kayak's meta-search website (which made it onto my go-to 2010 travel website list), so of course I love their app too. Kayak's app isn't an afterthought---like many companies' apps---but rather a robust mobile tool that complements and enhances their web offering.

TripIt I don't leave for a trip without loading my itinerary seamlessly into this trusty app. Just forward your travel plans to an email address and the app will set up an itinerary for you, including your destination's weather and maps.

Skype I couldn't count the number of times I've used Skype to call business contacts, friends and family while jauntsetting. In Skype's infancy the call quality was undependable, but in the past few years it's become almost as clear as a land line. If you have a good wireless connection, Skype is your local or international calling card.

Frommer's Travel Tools Apps that perform several functions are where it's at. Frommer's all-in-one wonder features a multi-converter, tipping suggestion calculator, flashlight, self-populated packing list, travel trivia, city guides and postcard sharing.

Yelp This can-do app is the be-all-end-all of local information. Whether you're in Vancouver or Vienna, Yelp gives you insight into anything and everything nearby, either in a list or on a map. It also features user reviews and gives you the ability to add reviews. When I'm traveling, I use this app to find restaurants based on proximity, cuisine, hours and popularity. Use the sales and special offers section to find restaurant deals in your area.

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