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travel beauty secretsLook fabulous and feel better even when your journey involves lots of layovers and flights...

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Let's be honest. The rigors of traveling can wreak havoc on your appearance. Last year after a flight from Milan to London, a sweaty run through Heathrow, London to Istanbul, and finally Istanbul to Nairobi, I remember arriving in Nairobi tired, sick and run-down. Upon arrival at 1am, I asked my husband if I looked presentable and he tactfully replied, "you're not at your best."  AKA - i looked like I'd been travelling, or perhaps slightly alien-like.  If I'd spent only 2 mins in the airport bathroom 'freshening up,' that conversation would have not occurred.  And so...

For our third Travel Beauty Month post, we’re featuring travel beauty secrets and cheats so you can arrive fresh-faced to your next destination! Thanks to my friend and flight attendant for helping with the below tips!


  • Drink emergen-c to ensure your body's at its best and you stay alert.
  • Moisturize like you've never moisturized before. Recycled plane air does nothing for the skin.
  • Drink lots of water. Bring an empty water bottle with you through security and fill it up after. This one is <duh> obvious, but even though you'll be that person getting up to #1 all the time, try to sit in an aisle and rejoice that your hydrated skin will be more plump than your non-peeing neighbors'.
  • Eat a good meal and bring a healthy snack onboard. Airplane food is high in sodium (= bloating).
  • Resist the urge to pile on the make-up. More make-up = more fussing and more opportunity for raccoon eyes or make-up-stained pillow.
  • If you are going to wear eye make-up, use a sheer, slightly shimmery neutral tone like this Nars Duo Cream Eyeshadow to brighten your eyes.
  • Trip Styler Tip: forget mascara, and tint your lashes and eye brows. You'll look alert and pack one less item!

During Travel

  • A moisturizing spritz like this Evian travel-sized spritzer is your friend. Use often. Not only will it refresh your complexion, but a quick spray when you land will ensure you'll walk into the airport with a glow.
  • Every time the drink cart comes down the aisle, get one or two waters. Hydrating and avoiding salty plane food will help keep swelling in your extremities down.
  • Dab a small amount of vaseline on your lips and contours of your eyes to keep them ultra moisturized.
  • On a multi-leg flight schedule?  Bring dry shampoo to add a day or two onto your coif.
  • Get your shimmer on. Try Benefit's Realness of Concealness kit packed with their bestsellers like eye brightener and lip plumper to give you that natural I just look this good all the time look.
  • Colour me.  The perfect size for travel, Tarte's Bronze to Go provides just the right amount of bronze to make it seem like you were in St. Tropez for a week, in which case, I'd be jealous.

Post Travel

  • Do a little impromptu stretching to get the bloodflow back!
  • Wash and moisturize hands. The dry air, as well as airplane bathroom soap always dries out the skin.
  • Have another emergen-c drink.
  • Brush your teeth, like a shower, it'll immediately refresh you!
  • Spritz again, or wash your face...
  • Expand your eyes. When it's time to hit the town and your post-flight cat-nap just didn't cut it, turn to Tarte's travel-sized High Definition Eyes with an ingenious eye-liner that actually sticks to your inner rims and a natural mascara that increases lash volume by a whopping 424%!

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