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travel resolutions always carry one dollar bills {Today's From the Archives post was originally published Feb 4th, 2010, and is the last entry in March's Travel Etiquette feature. The reminder to always carry USD one dollar bills {or the local equivalent} when travelling is rooted in travel etiquette because, like it or not, thanking those who help you with words and action is deeply embedded into North American societal expectations...}

Based on recent experience, my newest travel resolution is: Thou Shalt Always Travel with Multiple US One Dollar Bills. I know, I know, I’m Canadian, but it’s not like the rest of the world appreciates the loonie and toonie like I do. With our strong dollar, maybe one day they will?

On-Demand I'm not suggesting you walk around with a wad of cash sticking out of your pocket in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous form, but, carrying enough ones so you can always tip on-demand is the mark of a discerning traveler.

Second Time's a Charm? The mental news flash leading to this resolution occurred one year ago in Jamaica when I only had seven $1s in my possession. Even though I was going to an All-Inclusive that doesn't allow tipping, there's always incidentals like transport which isn't included. Second time’s a charm? Another experience I had was in Maui, sitting in a rental car shuttle bus back to Kahului Airport (OGG). On the ride, I realized I didn’t have any ones left; all I had was a toonie. Wanting to at least thank the driver AND knowing that the Canadian and US dollar were pretty much on-par at that point, I handed over my toonie. The driver was gracious, but I know he thought I was out to lunch. Unless you're tipping in Canada, no one wants a coin. {Trip Styler Tip: Go the bank before your trip and ask for multiple dominations of small bills for tipping rather than expecting you'll be able to make change with your bigger bills once at your destination. Alternatively, sometimes {Canadian} banks only have a limited supply of US cash, so visit at various intervals throughout the year, in order to accumulate a little package of $1s for travel.}

100% Let your mind rest on vacation. Go to the bank before you leave to make sure you have enough one dollar bills... a) so you're never in a lurch, and b) to thank people for their service 100% of the time.

PS - One of the BEST travel apps for tipping etiquette is by our friends at Frommers. It not only suggests what you should tip in every country, but helps you calculate it!

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