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hipmunk iphone appContrary to the catchy name and graphic, the HipMunk travel app is not a game involving hipster chipmunks, but an awesome flight search tool. I know, there are a lot of flight search tools, so why would you use HipMunk over ITA or Kayak? If you're a visual learner, then HipMunk's a great option for you. Rendering flight search results in a visual, timeline format, it sorts flights primarily by agony---a score that combines price, duration and number of stops.

Using it for my upcoming trip to Australia {see example below}, the flight results clearly show price, carriers, timing and layovers. Note Air Canada is the only non-stop flight. No, it's not the cheapest, but it's the least painless given it's direct. hip munk flight search


  • Use HipMunk flight search through their app or their website
  • Free
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • When asked about app development for Android and Blackberry, HipMunk noted it was "possible"
  • Book through the app or finish the transaction on HipMunk's website by entering a unique code

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