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For every trip style, there are many fun and exciting ways to stay healthy. If you really want to treat yourself to a vacation that returns you home healthier than when you left, consider a more active trip style; perhaps one that involves an adventure or a chance to try an activity you've always wanted to experience. Personally, I would love to head to Central America and spend a couple weeks at Monty’s Beach Lodge in Nicaragua: surfing, relaxing and giving back to the local community. Sounds pretty healthy to me!

Regardless of whether your trip style of choice has healthy renewal built in or not, any one can be infused with energy. It might take a little more intention on your part, but it’s so worth it! Here are some ideas:

All-Inclusive Last month Healthy on the Road shared the importance of putting some routine into your all-inclusive experience. With anything you need and want at your fingertips, this trip style can leave you feeling refreshed or gluttonous. While you’re spending time planning out your meal reservations on day 1, why not devote some time to planning out an activity schedule? Check out the classes being offered at the fitness centre, find a pool that accommodates laps or deep water running, or choose a time to walk or run on the beach.

Beach Walking or running on the beach requires you to use (and therefore burn!) about twice as much energy compared to doing these activities on hard surfaces. It's delightful to walk barefoot on the sand, but for walks that amount to anything more than a stroll, wear a good pair of shoes to avoid problems like shin splints. Sport sandals, like Tevas, are a good option if you don’t want your sneakers to get soggy in the tide. And don’t forget about sun protection---waterproof/sweatproof sunscreen, a hat, a light quick-drying shirt and a bottle of water are musts when you’re active in the sunshine!

Camping & Glamping This one seems easy to me, especially if you’re anywhere in beautiful British Columbia. Opportunities to hike, walk, ride, paddle and explore await you outside your tent, trailer or yurt! Before you pick your destination, think about some of the activities you'd like to do. For example, some destinations are known for fantastic hikes, while others might boast incredible biking.

Cruising Like the all-inclusive trip style, the decision to stay healthy while cruising is yours. Looking at the glass half full, there are many opportunities to embrace health. Bottomless food and drink and lounging await you, so be sure to visit the delicious salad and seafood buffets first, rather than load your plate with fried, fatty food. The elaborate evening meals are wonderful, but you don’t HAVE to order desert EVERY night---try every other night, or better yet, sharing one dessert with your travelling companion. In terms of getting active, like I mentioned earlier, make some plans on day 1: join a fitness class, walk the decks, take the stairs and choose active excursions.

Spa Mind, body and soul retreats are becoming very popular, and for good reason: they will leave you feeling fabulous. Mani/pedis, massages and facials are a delightful treat, but your heart, joints, soul and mind need some pampering too. Consider visiting a spa that embraces a holistic approach to wellness with good workout facilities or daily hikes and healthy fare.

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road, published the first Thursday of every month. Note that this month's Healthy On The Road is being published one week early, because next week Trip Styler will be doing "research" while living castaway-style and hanging with turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.}

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