Jetset Jingles :: Australia

australia music {Editor's Note: I just got back from Australia and can't wait to share pics, trip styles and tips every Friday this month. To kick things off, May's Jetset Jingles features tunes from a few familiar artists, all hailing from Oz.}

Australia: known for its Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour, Kangaroos and Koalas, Crocodile Dundee and home to AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban, INXS, Empire of the Sun and other musical talents. Hits like “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (Crowded House), “New Sensation” (INXS), “Highway to Hell” (AC/DC) and the classic 80’s pop-aerobic “Physical” (Olivia Newton John) all blasted their way up and out from the land Down Under and became worldwide hits. And who can forget Men at Work’s “Down Under”? It’s such an iconic Oz tune that we could almost call it Australia’s unofficial theme song. Today, Australian artists such as Jessica Mauboy, Birds Of Tokyo, Jebidiah, The Potbelleez, Angus & Julia Stone and The Temper Trap are hitting the Australian Charts as well as carrying on the tradition of iconic Aussi sound all over the globe.

If you can’t escape to Oz right away, why not pretend? Head down to your nearest beach, toss some shrimp on the barbie, throw a boomerang (don’t forget to duck…) and blast the Aussi playlist I created below. With a mix of classic Oz hits and current singles, you’ll feel like you’ve just taken you’re very own getaway. Happy Listening.

1. Down Under - The Best of Men at Work: Contraband 2. Disappear - The Best of INXS 3. Something So Strong - null 4. Get Outta My Way - Aphrodite (Deluxe Experience Edition) 5. Somebody Like You - null 6. Hello (Radio Edit) - Hello - Single 7. Standing On the Shore - Walking On a Dream 8. Love Lost - Conditions 9. Contact High - Moment Bends 10. Plans - Birds Of Tokyo 11. Big Jet Plane - Down the Way

Listen to the Australia Playlist here.

{Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

[photo by @tripstyler taken of the Opera House in Sydney]