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Jetset Jingles :: Après-Ski

apres-ski music[trip style = ski]

Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly. The ‘soundtrack’ is written, mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.

Along with the good fortune of living in the nature-y city that I do {Vancouver BC}, comes the privilege of being surrounded by ski hills. Minutes from the city you’ll find three local mountains {Cypress, Seymour and Grouse}, and an hour and half drive away there are two of the best slopes in North America, Whistler and Blackcomb.

I’ve been skiing for as long as I can remember, and one of my favorite things about a ski day is the infamous après-ski, or simply, après to enthusiasts. Gathering with friends on a patio, eating nachos and throwing back a cold beer is almost as good as shredding on the slopes!

But there’s a second kind of après, one that I like to call the après-après-ski. It takes place once you get back to your cabin. You peel off your bulky layers of cold-weather clothes, pour yourself a glass of Cabernet and relax on a bearskin rug, fireside of course. Ok, so this may seem like a scene out of a cheesy romance novel, but I think you get the picture, the goal of the après-après-ski is to relax and unwind after your long day navigating the mountain. And with this in mind, I’ve created the ultimate playlist for your next après-après-ski.

Happy listening….

Song List 1/ Champion Sound - Star of Love 2/ I Follow Rivers - Wounded Rhymes (Deluxe Version) 3/ High And Dry - Pointless Nostalgic 4/ Fiction - Coexist

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Jetset Jingles :: Portland

[trip style = weekend getaway + urban]

{Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

I recently read that Portland is considered the “Mecca of indie rock"---a place where budding bands congregate and a home to well-established indie rockers. Whether it be the unique neighborhoods, the vintage feel, or the laid-back attitude, the city of roses has been luring musical talent like it’s going out of style. Artists like Gossip, The Dandy Warhols, The Shins, M. Ward and Elliott Smith were either formed in or relocated to Portland after they gained popularity. Good thing there's a lot of food trucks, because grabbing a quick bite is the only way to keep up with all the gigs at popular venues like the Doug Fir Lounge.

If you haven’t already guessed, this month's Jetset Jingles plays homage to the slew of indie rock acts with an attachment to PDX---consider it your plane, train or automobile starter soundtrack to some of Portland's best musical acts.

Happy listening….

Song List 1/ Modest Mouse - Float On {from Good News for People Who Love Bad News} 2/ Gossip - Heavy Cross {from Music for Men} 3/ Spoon - The Underdog {from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga} 4/ The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You {from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia} 5/ She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? {from Volume One} 6/ The Shins - New Slang {from Oh, Inverted World} 7/ Elliott Smith - Rose Parade {from Either/Or} 8/ Elliott Smith - Waltz, No. 2 (XO) {from XO} 9/ Sexton Blake - Bette Davis Eyes {from Plays the Hits!} 10/Dolorean - How Is It {from The Unfazed}


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Jetset Jingles :: Caribbean

[trip style = beach + sun]

{Editor's Note: Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

Many things come to mind when I think of the Caribbean: white sandy beaches, tropical breezes, otherwise stylish men thinking they can get away with wearing white linen pants, and of course, the sometimes cheesy, somewhat dated songs that quickly become the soundtrack of your trip style = beach + sun. You know the ones I’m talking about: the songs that so perfectly complement the laid back and relaxed island time mentality embraced by every island from Jamaica to Nevis, the ones you already know the words to, and the ones that will help ease you into the no problem mon attitude one can’t help but adopt while unwinding beachside.

This month’s playlist was created especially for Trip Styler Editor-in-Chief  Trish’s current trip to the ABC islands. Enjoy your trip Mr & Mrs Trip Styler and happy listening readers…

Song List 1/ Jammin' - Exodus (Deluxe Edition) 2/ Don't Worry, Be Happy - Best of Bobby McFerrin 3/ Hot Hot Hot - Steel Drum Island Collection: Hot Hot Hot & More On Steel Drums 4/ Three Little Birds - Exodus (Remastered) 5/ Kokomo - Sounds of Summer - The Very Best of The Beach Boys 6/ Day-O (Banana Boat) - Island In The Sun 7/ Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley & The Wailers: Gold 8/ In the Summertime (feat. Rayvon) - The Boombastic Collection: Best of Shaggy 9/ Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Number 1's: '70s Pop 10/ Pressure Drop - The Very Best of Toots & the Maytals

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Jetset Jingles :: R+R

jetset jingles + rest and relaxation music[trip style = weekend getaway + sun]

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Rest and relaxation: two requirements that are always high on my list when it comes to vacationing. Some escapes are busier than others:  there’s trip style = sightseeing that has you going to and fro, taking in all there is to see at your destination; the action-packed trip style = active & adventure that has you climbing mountains or furiously paddling down a roaring river; or the trip style = urban weekend getaway that has you wining and dining in fast-paced cityscapes. While these kind of trip styles are eye-opening and exhilarating, sometimes you need a change of pace from the go, go, go to a relaxing, do-nothing-and-sit-in-your-hammock kind of vacation.

The playlist I created this month compliments the kicked-back and relaxed trip style I’m talking about….the kind of trip that has you sitting back with your feet up, unwinding from your hectic everyday schedule and enjoying the summer scenery.

Whether you’re lounging lakeside, unwinding poolside or sprawled out on your hammock, these chill out tunes will have you rested and relaxed in no time.

Happy listening.

Song List 1/ Porcelain - Play & Play: B Sides 2/ Teardrop - Mezzanine 3/ In the Waiting Line - Simple Things 4/ Gatekeeper (Full mix) - Open Season 5/ Take Five - Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits 6/ Intro - xx 7/ Come Away With Me - Norah Jones 8/ Lebanese Blonde - Garden State (Music from the Motion Picture) 9/ This Is the Thing - Distance and Time 10/ Where Is My Mind - Novö Piano

Playlist {Can't view this playlist? Click here.}

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{Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

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Jetset Jingles :: Camping

a camping music playlist[trip style = camping]

Summer just came a knocking at my door, and that means warm weather, long days, and my favorite kind of quick summer getaway: camping. There’s nothing like rounding up a group of friends or the fam, packing up the car and hitting the road to find the perfect campsite.

Along with a tent, a Coleman stove and bug spray, you can't go camping without music. Nothing beats sitting around the campfire relaxing to someone strumming your favorite lazy-day tunes on a guitar. But if you’re anything like me and can’t actually play the guitar, I’ve created the ultimate camping playlist for you to take with you on your next venture into the great outdoors.

I can almost smell the marshmallows roasting... Happy Listening.

Song List 1. Beautiful Day - All That You Can't Leave Behind 2. Soak Up the Sun - The Very Best of Sheryl Crow (Digital Version) 3. Sweet Home Alabama - The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Something Like That - A Place In the Sun 5. Fishin' In the Dark - More Great Dirt: The Best of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Vol. 2 6. Three More Days - Till the Sun Turns Black (Bonus Track Version) 7. I Won't Back Down - Full Moon Fever 8.Free - Donavon Frankenreiter 9. I'm Yours - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things 10. Better Together - In Between Dreams (Bonus Track Version)


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{Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

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