Tech Tuesday :: Urban Dig

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One of 2011's biggest travel buzzwords is curated: curated travel flash sales, curated restaurant picks, curated hotel lists. Every online travel site and guidebook have some sort of curated list. Buzzed about or not, the process of creating a niche product, then choosing a small number of hotels, restaurants or activities saves everyone time with immediate hot-spot detection---and I'm not talking wifi!

One urban city guide app that just launched is doing just that: curated lists in cool cities. UrbanDig is a Vancouver start-up with off-track lists---think truckspotting instead of Eat, or hidden art instead of To Do---aimed at the generation X and Y set {or super cool boomers!}.

How it Works When you first download the free app, you have to sign-up. With an almost mandatory social sharing component, it'll ask you to add a picture to your profile so you can follow and be followed. Two-minute sign-up process aside, it's the local picks for Vancouver, LA, NY, Portland and SF {with Austin, DC and Chicago coming soon} that are the app's version fall 2011 ladies booties and mens wingtips!

If you're an urban culture cat, this app's for you.

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[image via urbandig]