Tech Tuesday :: White Noise

[trip style = any] At this time of year the perfect quietness of snow covering evergreen treetops in an open country field is something that should be packaged and sold under the tree. If only. No doubt it would the gift of the year.

Now there's a way to live part of this dream in the midst of holiday madness---and the rest of life---that's recommended by the NY Times, Washington Post, Health Magazine and the iTunes staff. The White Noise App offers solace from life and travel challenges with soundscapes ranging from 'beach waves crashing' and 'tropical rain pouring' to 'oscillating fan.'

Whether you're holiday shopping and need to 'take a moment,' on a full plane with loud talkers or your urban hotel is beside a busy street, zen out and tune into your happy place: a warm beach with swaying palms, getting a massage at the spa or first tracks at Whistler.

Though "snow falling on a quiet country field" is not one of the soundscapes, you can create it yourself by mixing ambient sounds together through the app, or better yet, find a quiet country feild with snow falling and record the sound yourself!

DetailsWhite Noise Lite {10 soundscapes} is free, White Noise {40 soundscapes} is $1.99 - Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac App Store

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[photo via itunes]